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Left side of the box showing

top flap and bleed into front.



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This Week's 800PA






Photo above shows back of box

and top of box with handle.


Front of the Silent Night box showing

tab marks and bottom of box.







Right side of the box showing

bottom flap and bleed into front.



Nobody Does It Better...than Silent Night




QR Code for demo of

Silent Night ZEPA-500.

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The 21st century has brought us a filter medium with less density that requires less energy to force the air through it and a PROVABLY BETTER capture capability.

Photo above shows a swimming pool and banana trees shot through the filter.






This site is for Manufacturer's Reps and prospective Reps. Visit your

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BABEL - Dave Babel

BARRETTE - Diane Barrette

BATES - Chris Bates

BAUGHER, LORRE - AdareStudio

BONE - Bob Bone

BOYD - Jim Boyd

BRAINARD - Becky Brainard

BRANDT, ANNIE - HealthySpaces

BROWN - Sonny Brown

CARNESALE - Kristi Carnesale

CARPENTER - Frank Carpenter

CARVALHO - Anthony Carvalho

CASTILLO - David Castillo

CLARK - Jack Clark

CLARK - Marsha Clark

CROSON - Tim Croson

DE JESUS - Neph de Jesus

DICKERSON - Jim Dickerson

DI PROSPERIS - David Di Prosperis

DILLARD - Steve & Patsy Dillard

FALK - Chuck Falk

FOLEY - Joe Foley

FORTIER - Dan Fortier

GERONIMO - Leo Geronimo (pillar-of-life)

GIDDENS - Bob Giddens

GOLDBERG - Alan Goldberg

GONZALEZ - Michael/Jennie Gonzalez

GOTTSCHALK - Hans Gottschalk

GRIFFIN - Ken Griffin

GRIFFITH - Jean Griffith

GUARINO - Tony Guarino

HAILE - Bill Haile

HART - Jean Hart

HATHAWAY - Ken & Jane Hathaway

HAUG - Mary K. Haug

HARRIS - Ken Harris

HEMBREE - Bill Hembree

HUFFMAN - Jay Huffman

JACKSON - Doug Jackson

JACOB - TJ Jacob

JETER - Paul Jeter

JUNTA - Dr. Michael Junta

KEPECS - Lawrence Kepecs

KING - Brad King

KLUG - Andrew & Brie Klug

KLUG - Judi Klug

KLUG - Ken Klug

KLONER - David Kloner

KLONER - Marc Kloner

KOHL - William Kohl

KRAUSE - AJ Krause

KRULL - Bill Krull

LAKHA - Sujeet Lakha

LARSEN - Larry Larsen

LEDBETTER - Michelle Ledbetter

LEE - Mike Lee

LEICHT - Rick Leicht

LINDSAY - Dixson Lindsay

LOHR - Ed Lohr

LOUIS - Jamie Louis

LOVECHENKO - Gino Lovechenko

LU - Dr. Lee Lu

LULL - Linda Lull

MARTIN - Earl Martin

MATHEWS - David Mathews

MASON - Herb Mason

MATUS - George Matus

McFARLAND - Dr. Debbie McFarland

MICHAEL - Tim Michael

MOORE - Mickey Moore

MORRIS - Glenda Sue Morris

MULLENAX - John Mullenax

NELSON - Ev Nelson

NAIRN - Bob Nairn

NEWSOME - Kevin Newsome

PARKER - Glenn M. Parker

PEDERSON - Jim Pederson

PETERSON - Linnea Peterson

PHALON - Bob Phalon

PITTMAN - Gary Pittman

QUINTANA - Colleen Quintana

RAGUCCI - Ron Ragucci

REEVES - Alex Reeves

REBER - Judy Reber

RICHEY - Don & Bev Richey

ROBERTS - Dennis Roberts

RUDOLPH - Brad Rudolph

SALAS - John Salas

SCHEER - Sophie Scheer

SCHWELLING - Karen Schwelling

SHINN - Diana M. Shinn

SISCO - Mark & Marta Sisco

SMITH - Frank Smith

SMITH - John Smith

SUMPTION - DomesticDoozie

SZU - Henry Szu

TIERNEY - Theresa Tierney

TOTH - Julius Toth

TRACY - Eric Tracy

TUSICK - David Tusick

WANG - Jiing T. Wang, MD

WILDER - Jack Wilder

WIGHT - Darrel Wight

WILLIAMS - Clarence Williams

WRIGHT - Bob Wright

ZILA - Albin & Zdenka Zila







Filters are changed from bottom

Slip out, slip in. Average life is six months. Filters can be vacuumed

(both sides) for longer life.